Motorade, LLC is a licensed and bonded retail auto dealer.​​  Motorade's goal is to provide our customers with  unique  knowledge, access, and service in a number of areas:

1. Niche Vehicles: we seek out a variety of vehicles that are unique in their own way.  From 4-Wheel Drive SUVs, to Diesel Trucks, to high-performance European autos, we look for original, low-mileage, well-maintained examples that are hard to find. This is the type of inventory in which we specialize.

2. Location Services: Motorade also provides car locating services for clients who seek a vehicle that we currently don't have in stock.  These services are tailored to clients individual needs and offer a stress-free, no-pressure buying experience.

3. Reconditioning: All vehicles that come through Motorade are inspected, repaired, and or reconditioned as needed.  With older vehicles, this may include more of a restoration-type approach, designed to bring the vehicle to its highest state.

The Passion behind Motorade

The Motorade Way


                 1988 FJ62

31 McNeel St

YORK SC 29745

Stuart Saum, Owner

My name is Stuart Saum and I have been an avid automotive enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  If it had four wheels and a motor, I was interested.  From the moment of my first subscription to Automobile Magazine at age 9, it seemed I was destined to be involved in the automotive industry in some way.  

After high school, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in business at Augusta State University.  While doing so, I worked as a technician and then a salesman at a BMW dealership.  I then worked for my childhood dream magazine, duPont REGISTRY in St. Petersburg, FL in advertising sales.  After a while, I decided I wanted to start my own business.  A SC native, I naturally found my way to Greenville, SC, the automotive hub of the southeast. I decided that my talents were best utilized buying, restoring and selling my favorite autos.  Thus, the birth of Motorade....