1988 FJ62


Stuart Saum, Owner

The Passion behind Motorade

31 McNeel St

YORK SC 29745

The Motorade Way

Motorade, LLC is a licensed and bonded retail auto dealer.​​  Motorade's goal is to provide our customers with  unique  knowledge, access, and service in a number of areas:

1. Niche Vehicles: we seek out a variety of vehicles that are unique in their own way.  From 4-Wheel Drive SUVs, to Diesel Trucks, to high-performance European autos, we look for original, low-mileage, well-maintained examples that are hard to find. This is the type of inventory in which we specialize.

2. Location Services: Motorade also provides car locating services for clients who seek a vehicle that we currently don't have in stock.  These services are tailored to clients individual needs and offer a stress-free, no-pressure buying experience.

3. Reconditioning: All vehicles that come through Motorade are inspected, repaired, and or reconditioned as needed.  With older vehicles, this may include more of a restoration-type approach, designed to bring the vehicle to its highest state.

My name is Stuart Saum and I have been an avid automotive enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  If it had four wheels and a motor, I was interested.  From the moment of my first subscription to Automobile Magazine at age 9, it seemed I was destined to be involved in the automotive industry in some way.  

After high school, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in business at Augusta State University.  While doing so, I worked as a technician and then a salesman at a BMW dealership.  I then worked for my childhood dream magazine, duPont REGISTRY in St. Petersburg, FL in advertising sales.  After a while, I decided I wanted to start my own business.  A SC native, I naturally found my way to Greenville, SC, the automotive hub of the southeast. I decided that my talents were best utilized buying, restoring and selling my favorite autos.  Thus, the birth of Motorade....